Canvas Printing Options



I would like to take a moment or two to discuss what your options may be when you order a canvas print. There are several types of canvas material on the market the two most common are matte and satin surfaces,some canvas material are composed of a polyester and/or cotton blend and some are 100% cotton and some tend to be 100% polyester and of course there are texture type canvas which can be applied with a spraying process or literally having the texture already embedded in the surface of the material, all which seems to have an effect on the visual intake,in some cases it can be pretty dramatic. Also keeping in mind that it is very important to add a protective lacquer coating to your print  once it is printed,to help preserve it for years to come.  we always add the option of a protective lacquer coating free of charge. And just to make sure that we are using the right materials for long term displaying we use HDR(High dynamic range) pigment ink which has a tendency to last for a very,very long time without changing its color appearance providing it is in a protective environment. We also offer the satin and/or matte surface finish as a standard. So please keep in mind when it comes to producing prints from your electronic files we strive to produce high quality gallery/museum quality images on canvas for you.

Photo Restoration


Have an old sentimental picture that's old & beat up? Have one of our specialists restore the photo.

Special Effects


Our photography experts can add special effects to your canvas art to create new and beautiful creations unlike any other.